Clinical Governance

We’re 100% committed to delivering and maintaining exceptional safety and clinical standards throughout our entire business.

Our clinical quality and governance strategy covers:

  • Strong clinical knowledge and oversight
  • Delivering suitable training for all staff
  • Effective audit programme
  • Standardising internal process
  • Demonstrating governance and adherence to industry best practice

Responsible for overseeing the delivery of our strategy, our Clinical Quality Manager works closely with the Clinical Quality and Expert Liaison Teams as well as all Team Managers to ensure we deliver our promise.



Stringent recruitment processes ensure all third parties uphold the latest certificates and registrations as well as the minimum clinical experience required for quality assurance.

Our dedicated Expert Liaison Team only invite the very best experts to join our network and continually monitor their performance and quality.


Audits and Reviews:

Our in-house Clinical Quality Team conduct monthly clinical audits and regular file reviews to ensure that the exceptional standards we pride ourselves on are being upheld at every stage.


External Audits and Clinical Governance Review Forum:

We’re absolutely committed to continually improving our clinical quality in line with industry expectations. Delivered through external audits and regular Clinical Governance Review Forums, we bring together a panel of renowned industry experts to analyse and discuss our approach to Case Management, eminent cases and industry challenges. This initiative allows us to take on non-bias/independent feedback and enhance our clinical delivery.


Shared Knowledge:

Unlike many of our competitors, the majority of our Case Managers are employed full time allowing us to deliver consistent standards of care across all fields of work. Having fully employed Case Managers gives them the opportunity to work closely, share their knowledge and support each other.

Our central Skills Matrix identifies each Case Manager’s specialist field and their location making it easy for our teams to access specialist knowledge quickly. This allows us to diagnose or apply the most appropriate level of care at the earliest opportunity.


Training and Self-Development:

All newly recruited Case Managers follow a six month induction programme covering our approach to Case Management allowing us to benchmark the standards expected. Towards the end of their induction they will also complete a ‘Foundation in Case Management’ training course.

We support CPD in a number of ways: we host monthly forums to discuss interesting topics and industry challenges, we support external training and we even hold our very own annual Case Manager Conference.


We're a proud CMSUK member!

Proud CMSUK Member 

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